Notting Hill Day Nursery

Ofsted Outstanding 2008|2009



Baby Room
(0 - 2 years)

(2 - 5 years)

Forest School





Welcome to our Nursery

Our aim at Notting Hill is to provide care and education for young children in a safe, stimulating environment. We offer both part-time and full-time care for children aged between birth and 8 years.

Baby Unit  Birth - 2 years
Nursery  2 - 5 years

We also offer breakfast club and after-school facilities including pick up’s and drop off’s for older children

We are open Monday to Friday, 7:30am - 6:00pm

We close over Christmas and New Year and on all Bank Holidays.

In order to maintain a high standard of care the following staffing ratios are enforced throughout the nursery:

1: 3  Birth - 2 years  
1: 4  2 years   
1: 8  3 - 4 years

Come and visit

Educationalists now widely agree that the ‘early years’ are of vital importance as they lay the foundations of the child's future education. Attending the right nursery setting can offer unique experiences, which will enrich your child's growth and development.  

Our aim in the main nursery is to encourage the child’s natural development of independence through practical ‘hands-on’ activity. Each session a variety of interesting activities are available such as:

*painting    *outside play
*cooking    *music
*role-play    *construction

Working from the children’s own interests, staff plan in such a way that we meet individual needs. There are opportunities for each child to explore new concepts, acquire new language and develop vital social skills such as concentration and co-operation.


By following the government’s current document the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ we aim to encourage positive self-esteem and confidence as we prepare your child for future education.

If your child is eligible to claim the nursery grant and access “free funded sessions’ we can help you apply.

The grant is available from the term after their third birthday.

Currently children are able to claim:

165 hours  spring term
195 hours  summer term
210 hours  autumn term